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Sol Full Fundraising

Research shows that the health of your team is essential to the health of your organization. In fact, according to a recent study*, healthy organizations are 2.2 times more likely to exceed financial targets, 2.8 times more likely to adapt well to change, and
3.2 times more likely to retain employees, as well as see dramatic drops in absenteeism and employee health issues.


Our Sol Full Fundraising Model helps nourish the health and sol of your team and your organization.
We shine a light on where you are and chart a healthy path forward. 
Our mission is to help make fundraising
the bright spot in your day - something that brings joy, energy, and healing to you and your community.

How do we do that? We're glad you asked.

We infuse supports to nourish your sol in every meeting, workshop, and fundraising tool we share with you. When you work with us, your fundraising knowledge and success, as well as care for the heart and sol of your organization and community, will expand. We model healthy boundaries and teach you easy ways to build a healthy, joyful, Sol Full fundraising program.


We believe that nourishing your heart and sol is an investment in human capital and that a healthy fundraising team and program is the most significant predictor of whether your organization will raise enough money to fund programs.
Sol Full fundraising program ensures the focus on your mission will continue to shine bright!

*Bersin Research, 2021

Sol Full Fundraising Model

nourished heart + sol of team and organization

raise enough money to execute + innovate programs



balance of

risk + reward

focus on mission continues to shine bright

When you partner with us, you might notice we do things a little differently - from starting meetings with a few Sol Full  seconds to ending our day (and your emails from us) at 5pm. Plus, we will never schedule an over-lunch meeting or an all-day workshop.

We host quarterly Sol Full Fundraising conversations for all of our clients facilitated by experts in integrative, functional, and complementary medicine and wellness. We offer womxn-friendly coaching to help you narrow and prioritize your focus, and we ensure every meeting and check-in is a safe, accepting, positive environment.

We teach YOU how to integrate sol care into all aspects of fundraising. We even offer the occasional

Sol Full retreat to help YOU nourish your heart and sol. Stay tuned to our social media for more info later this year!

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