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Green Means Go - Or Does It?

Even when your feasibility study gives you the green light to move forward with a campaign, your team can greatly benefit from campaign pre-planning support.
What's pre-planning support? Isn't that part of the feasibility study?

Not quite!

A thorough feasibility study answers the question: Will our community provide enough support to make this effort a reality?

A feasibility study mitigates risk so that you don’t move forward with a project that won’t garner support. Once a positive feasibility study is complete, most organizations assume they have a green light to “pass go and collect $200" (or $200,000).

At Fundraising Well, we love working with teams to prepare for a major campaign effort!

We believe that proper planning is not only vital for a special fundraising effort, it’s also key to the health, wellness, and success of your team throughout the process.

We provide an early stage analysis and exploration of your potential campaign project, so that you and your team can proceed with confidence. Our guidance will -

  1. Orient your team to a campaign: We'll provide a behind-the-scenes review of what to expect before, during, and after a campaign.

  2. Determine campaign structure: Fundraising Well can offer an overview of the different models and approaches that could be a fit for your organization.

  3. Identify campaign management: Together, we'll review different ways to tailor your campaign management assistance.

  4. Highlight potential funding opportunities: We make sure you're aware of the different funding opportunities that will align best with your campaign and how to build the relationships prior to launch.

  5. Assess team capacity: We'll take a deep dive into your development and supporting team’s capacity and expertise to help provide clarity on strengths and opportunities.

  6. Review policies, procedures, and guidelines: Fundraising Well will make sure the right organizational policies, procedures, and guidelines are in place prior to a campaign.

  7. Communications audit: We conduct a pre-screening of current communications and recommendations related to communications tools/strategy to support your organization’s campaign.

  8. Ensure team wellness: We always offer ideas and recommendations to proactively mitigate burn-out, build healthy expectations and communication, and create a safe and supportive team.

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