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Wellness is the Foundation for Fundraising

We believe that the health of your nonprofit is inextricably tied to the health of your team. In other words, a healthy, happy, supported development team is the most significant predictor of whether your organization will raise enough money to fund programs. This is why our Fundraising WELLness Model is the foundation of our approach to guiding you to healthier and happier fundraising.

Our framework prioritizes the wellness of your team as we build your organization’s fundraising strategy and plan. Along the way, we model and teach you how to infuse wellness into your daily work.

What you will experience when you work with us to build a fundraising plan or grant strategy:

💚 Guidance to help define what fundraising success means to you and your organization

💚 Coaching to identify your fundraising priorities

💚 Analysis to determine what’s working WELL and what isn’t

💚 Research to help you focus your efforts

💚 Support to build a customized fundraising plan

💚 Inspiration to add practical, easy steps to increase personal wellness

💚 Encouragement to make and sustain healthy, happier choices

💚 A community of support and service especially for YOU

And this part is important: In our Fundraising WELLness Model, you’ll find our signature green heart – the heart a universal symbol for the core of humanity and green a color that represents life, renewal, energy, and growth.

When you work with us, we promise to keep your wellness at the core of our work so that you and your organization can fundraise WELL.

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